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Ryan D. Neely is a beatmaker and music producer from Louisville, Kentucky who enjoys making hip hop and pop music dance compositions. He has been making music for over 30 years thanks to his mother who enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of five. While taking lessons, he quickly learned the basic scale notes. A year later, his parents purchased him his first keyboard; a Casio SK-1 style instrument. 
While playing with this toy (at the time) he learned to copy the melodies and rhythms of his favorite songs by ear. He cherished the keyboard keeping it in good condition even until his teenage years. His appreciation for music eventually led him to join his middle school band where he played the trumpet in seventh and eighth grade.
In high school, Neely purchased a much larger six-track sequencing keyboard with his second paycheck from his fast-food job. He quickly strung together beats and recorded them onto cassette tapes for other listeners to preview. After recognizing the buzz, he recorded his first album after graduating; a rap album titled “Wakem’ Up.” Four years later he recorded his second rap album titled “Look Into My Heart.” Both albums were predominantly sold hand to hand. 

Fast forward 16 years later to 2020 and things have ultimately changed. With direct distribution to music streaming platforms available through Distrokid, Neely to the offer and picked up where he left off. In early December he released “Rapper Turned Producer” giving listeners an EP of some creative rap songs he produced and recorded for fun purposes. To capitalize on his hobby of making beats, he released “Just Lay Down” along with a music video to the single. The song and video served as his entry ticket to the world of music as a beatmaker and producer with rapping as a past time hobby.
Neely’s self-titled album consisting of dance, pop, and hip hop compilations is set to debut at the end of this year. He is very excited about what the future holds and hopes to release mixtapes filled with beats for rappers to rhyme to and further their creativity. He can be followed on Instagram at @ryandwayneneely.

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