A Guide to Live Streaming for Musicians in 2020

Live streaming will not become a replacement for in-person shows; it’s an exciting way to engage with your audience with technology. But of course, as most of us enjoy live shows, it will have its strong position for a long time. Anyway, live streaming has a lot of advantages, about which musicians should be aware of.

Below we will try to briefly represent the history of live streaming and give you a couple of useful tips to help you have a strong start. If you live streaming is not new for you, then we are sure that you will find something new in the article, which will help you take your streaming to the new level. 

What is Live Streaming and How Musicians Can Benefit from It

When you artists broadcast any media online, it is called live streaming. Musicians don’t record it ahead of time; that is why it is called live streaming. When it is recorded in the past, it is called streaming. For example, Netflix is a streaming service where you can watch movies and tv shows recorded in advance. 

Live streaming gives a lot of opportunities. For example, during Coronavirus, when it was impossible to gather many people in one place, artists were performing online. In addition to this, live streamings allow fan engagement. Fans can leave comments, and musicians can read what their fans are writing. This is a very well known method for musicians to connect with their fans. Also, some people don’t like crowded places, so such initiatives can be an excellent option for them to enjoy their favorite artists. 

The History Behind Live Streaming 

There is a fascinating history of live streaming, which may not be known by many people. The first live streaming was done 27 years ago. It was done in 1993 when a rock band performed for XEROX PARC company’s employees. They were testing a new technology that was developed by the company. 

After that, in 2008, YouTube hosted a live broadcast, developed for a long time. A couple of famous artists, such as Katy Perry and will.i.am, were part of the live streaming. YouTube planned to host such an event every year. But eventually, YouTube stopped this, and it didn’t continue to host this event each year. 

Today, technology brought new features to us. Different social media platforms have live streaming features. And in recent years, live streaming became especially popular among people. It is considered to be one of the most famous and helpful features, making a deep connection between musicians and the audience. Live streaming for musicians can be an essential part of the career. Below you will find ways on how to use this feature most effectively. 

Why Live Streaming is Important and Why Artists should Host Live Streaming

Today, one of the most exciting content is video content. There are many situations when fans have discovered new artists through live streamings. For example, a young artist was featured in live streaming, and people noticed him. This is a very helpful way to promote your music and catch the attention of a wider audience. Maybe people will find you and your music with the help of other platforms, such as Spotify. But seeing artists perform online is a whole different world for music appreciators. So, it is essential to spend some time discovering live streamings and understanding how you should take advantage of it. 

How to Host a Live Streaming and Do It Like a Professional

Now it is time to understand the technical part behind live streaming. You need to have a webcam, microphone, steady Internet connection, and good lighting for hosting live streaming. Before starting live streaming, make sure that you have everything for smooth streaming. You and your audience will get nervous because of the technical issues. We highly recommend you to find a quiet place. Otherwise, outside noises will disturb the live streaming very much. And eventually, people will exit the live streaming. 

A Couple of the Best platforms for Live Streaming

Today as the fame of live streaming rises, different platforms try to have live streaming features. But it would be perfect if you tried to test every platform and find the best one for you. There are both paid and free platforms. Below we will try to present the best free platforms for live streamings. 

Instagram Live

Instagram allows doing live streaming of up to 1 hour. This is an excellent platform for live streamings because it is extremely popular. Millions of people use Instagram, and most probably, you will find your audience there. The disadvantage is that it is possible to stream only with the help of a mobile device. Anyway, Instagram lives are a great option for you to start live streamings. A lot of great artists were doing Instagram live streamings during the lockdown, to entertain people. 

YouTube Live

YouTube is considered to be one of the biggest and most popular video content platforms. A lot of artists became popular with the help of YouTube. It gives a lot of opportunities to not only young artists but also big and famous artists. Starting from spring 2013, YouTube created a feature, with the help of which users again can do live streamings. 

Facebook Live

Facebook is another famous social media platform. One of the most important differences between instagram and Facebook is that you can do live streamings with your computer. Facebook also has millions of users, and you will find people who appreciate your music. So this is a great option to pay attention to. 

Remember to Have Fun and Enjoy the Process of Live Streamings 

Today people need positivity from musicians. Try to be creative and transfer positivity to your audience. Believe us, they will appreciate it a lot. Set up your camera, microphone, and have all the instruments that you may need. Once you turn on your live streaming, have fun, and try to enjoy the process as much as you can. 

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