‘Women’ is a powerful message by outstanding AC. Check it out!

AC, is an artist with a background in education and spirituality who uses her experience and wisdom to create music. Awkward Confidence (AC) highlights her sigma-like qualities in her music. This sort of silent confidence, charismatic aura, and siren beauty is submerged in her demeanor. Merging old school hip hop with the modern intellectual flow.  

Check out AC (Awkward Confidence) in her new music video ‘Women’ in celebration of International Women’s Day! Awkward Confidence has been using her platform to empower women of all races and walks of life to take back their inner power. Having a background in Sociology, AC uses music as a form of activism to educate others and protest against injustice whilst instilling motivation and ambition in the masses. 

With the new age influence of Andrew Tate, AC (Awkward Confidence) is fighting back with wits and healthy self-esteem.

If you want to watch her, follow her on all socials:

Spotify: @AwkwardConfidence

YouTube: @AwkwardConfidence

Instagram: @All_that_ish_

TikTok: @All_that_ish_

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