Taylor McCants – “Vigilant Angel The ReUp”

Independent artist Taylor McCants has put together a mesmerizing new album filled with love and happiness listeners can share all around. It has already garnered an accumulative seven million streams on her most reflective and beautiful latest release, “Vigilant Angel The ReUp.”

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, McCants stays true to her native musical sound while incorporating vivid stories that illustrate her growth as a musician  going through evolving life experiences. The 23-track album gives listeners a range of emotions from love to self-confidence to taking the time to discover our deepest desires. 

The harmonious vocals heard throughout the entire new album “Vigilant Angel The ReUp”

stands out against the gentle flow of the beats and vocals heard in the background. Each distinct track has a unique flow that’s captivating and will inspire you to share more love with the people around you and the world. 

Starting with the romantic introductory track “Cutie Pie,” prepare to get in the mood for love. Taylor McCants shows her appreciation for that special someone who has turned her life upside down in the best way possible. It’s a loving introduction for what’s to come in the following songs on the album. 

As the only skit, “WVIG Radio” shows her personality as she speaks with a radio host who is about to introduce her album. It shows as a carefree way of allowing listeners to learn about her a little bit more through their dialogue. 

“Friends First” and “Sunshine” displays those initial first moments of crushing on someone and hoping the relationship blossoms into something more. The electronic synths, light flow of her vocals and engaging harmonies come together to fill anyone who listens with butterflies in their stomachs. 

Just like Bonnie and Clyde, “Sauce & The Drip” describes their tight bond and ride or die energy that keeps the relationship solid against anything that comes their way. “No Guarantee” stands out with an honest and raw view on love. The following single “Fulfilled” finally shares that incredible moment when the relationship comes into fruition and they’re feeling like a team who can win together. 

“Just Smile” can make anyone turn their frown upside down with eccentric Pop-like beats and uplifting lyrics. “Tear Up The World” shares the vulnerability of seeing someone’s pain yet wanting to be there through it all. 

As the title of the album, “Vigilant Angel” gives off a simple vibe of the hypeness of being thought of as someone’s vigilant angel and being that important to someone. It collects every thought said in this album into a short expressive round of sounds of being such a ride or die with someone. 

This emotive album shows how much of a captivating artist Taylor McCants is and her ability to leave behind an unforgettable first impression. She brings a fresh perspective to the music industry that’ll keep her as an artist to look for as the year goes on.

Compared to the “Regular Shmegular” vibes heard here on this track, love takes you out of that regular shmegular feeling and into a feeling of loving each other as you are. It goes to the following track about chasing the money, which is great but doing it with someone who will work with you on your dreams is the goal. “Bag It Up” has a catchy hook as she goes through a stream of consciousness regarding money and their love. 

In a collaboration with Kenny Smith in “Summer Love,” this jazzy number instantly sends listeners to a calm state of mind imagining themselves resting on the beach together. Followed by the romantic waves of  “In These Arms” where comfort and safety is essential to any thriving relationship. 

“Love St.” slows it down to an R&B style beat that’s both addicting and heartwarming. The beats flow in a way reminiscent of those R&B tracks that keep us hooked. She’s landed on Love St. and it’s clear she wants to stay 

“So Pretty” notices how hearing from one person that you’re pretty can change the whole day for you. “We Get Dumb” shares the love of doing foolish things with someone that supports you and wants to go through different life experiences with you. “Forever Your Shawty” lays it all down about being there for everything through thick and thin. 

Lighting up the fire within a strong connection, “Compassion, ”“Kiss’n U,” and the “So Pretty” remix with rapper Young Lyric all simplify how being with someone who makes you feel alive can create a huge difference in our lives. It’s these moments that keep us hoping for more for ourselves and our partners. 

Send this track to someone you appreciate today after listening to this! “I Appreciate You” flows easily with a loving recording in the beginning that turns into an upbeat Pop style track that makes you move along to the beats. 

“Never Heard” shows love in the most simplistic way. Nobody can take away the love that they share and it’s evident that it’ll last a long time. Have faith as you listen to this song and share it with the world. The ending of the album ties together all the roller coaster feelings found from when two people come together at the very beginning and work towards building a more committed relationship.  

Rapidly fall in love with the affirming love messages, vivid imagery, and mellow sounds, Taylor McCants has created a masterpiece with her most updated album “Vigilant Angel The ReUp.” Follow her online to keep up with her upcoming releases and to keep up with her life! 

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