Blacc Cuzz “Intro” Gives You Adrenaline To Pure Trap

Some songs are supposed to get you amped up, leave you feeling ready to take on the whole world and still come out looking fresh, standing on top of the pile of your defeated enemies. Some songs are a tray full of shots of tiger’s blood with racked up lines of ground-up unicorn horn as a chaser. Some songs are meant to get your head nodding and your heart pumping. Whether it’s with an irresistible beat or a rallying chorus some songs just invite you into the sonic bliss right alongside them.

Blacc Cuzz’s latest single “Intro” has all the makings of an absolute banger. It’s got a trippy trappy little beat that just won’t quit. It’s got the unique vocal delivery that Blacc Cuzz is building his name off of. But most of all it’s got that short and sweet snap that leaves you wanting more, which the rest of Blacc Cuzz discography serves up in spades.

“Intro”, the clue may just be in the name. It’s the perfect introduction to an artist that serves up trap rap in its rawest purest form. Blacc Cuzz has been building a reputation as an artist that isn’t going to play by the rules or follow the crowd and is carving himself out his own niche in the industry. 

Trap rap is usually the domain of the mumble rappers and how much energy and adrenaline are they giving you? None. Blacc Cuzz takes that sound and that undeniably enticing rhythm and serves it up alongside a fresh spin on the lyrics and delivery. He weaves in interesting schemes and melodies with quick wit fit slick sitting in place on top of the beats. It’s a breath of fresh air to have those grinding winding beats finally done service by a rapper who understands how to hook an ear properly.

Lyrically it’s more of the same, a lot of references to big cash and looking flash. Some of Blacc Cuzz’s other tracks provide a better insight into the life he’s lead and the background he comes from but “Intro” is more about complete and utter swagger and it makes you feel 100% more fly just listening to it. It begins with a phone call from the old guard handing the mantle of the official real one over to Blacc Cuzz. 

Blacc Cuzz is trying to be the voice of the streets, he wants to be a role model and to do so, he’s setting the example of a game-changer and a rebel. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to find success, you’re better off finding your truth. Blacc Cuzz built his empire from the ground up and Dream Big Empire do exactly that, they think outside the box and get it done. 

If you’re fixing to get yourself properly amped up for the day ahead, take some of what Blacc Cuzz is taking and pump that ridiculous bumping beat into your ears. We only have one complaint and that is it’s weird to have it on repeat with that 1-minute

long phone call introduction. If someone could trim that off, we’d loop this banger all day long.

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