VIBES – Pedro Breeze (Official Music Video)

“The future of hip-hop is here, and it is taking form in the shape of artist’s like this one. Originally from a small town in South New Jersey, newcomer to Atlanta Georgia, comes a talented young man who’s made more career moves in 3 years than many aspiring artists make throughout their whole quest for stardom. His entire Vibe is a musical breath of fresh air, it’s no wonder he goes by the stage name Pedro Breeze. A creator of classic hip-hop with influences of old school rap and jazz music, his sound is often categorized as “modern lo-fi” but, as if foreshadowed in his name, Pedro Breeze has been known to dabble in any style of music the wind may take him.Professionally starting his music career 3 years ago, Pedro is considered a late contender; As many artists before him, he was unsure if the risk of pursuing a rap career was worth the effort. His current fans are certainly very glad he made the jump. Although a “newcomer”, rapper Pedro Breeze has been taking the game by storm, coming across as a seasoned professional, both in the recording studio and on stage. Because of his hard work ethic and ability to do many styles of hip-hop, Pedro has created a loyal following in a relatively short amount of time. These fans come from places like New Jersey, New York city, Atlanta Georgia, Buffalo New York, Texas, parts of Germany and parts of Canada. Still honoring the core beginning of hip-hop music, Pedro Breeze reminds his listeners of a time when musician’s created music because they had a story tell. Derived from personal experience in his everyday life, Pedro Breeze’s music is vulnerable, authentic and fresh.Pedro Breeze is an everyman, his thoughts are both personable and relatable; Whether he’s rapping about love, living in today’s society as an unapologetic, young black man, getting out of spiritual and literal ruts, or the importance of community. His smooth beats, often courtesy of producers within his tight-knit artistic community, always help connect his lyrics in an effortless, impressive way.Even during a pandemic, his day-to-day hasn’t changed much; Pedro is still “all business” in his Atlanta dwelling, writing and recording music for the new year.This trending Atlanta rapper made waves with his first album drop in late 2019 called “In Charge” when, one of his best songs to date, “Vibes” was discovered as a hit. His verses scan like daydreams strung together during a long subway ride, while the production recalls the R&B filled summers of the 90’s.Because of it’s popularity, “Vibes” the music video was made and dropped September 30th 2020. Filmed in Atlanta Georgia by film company 90XVision and Los Angeles Director Devone King; Accompanied by Atlanta actress Darian Wright; Pedro Breeze tells a modern love story of a random, fast paced night in Georgia, after meeting a mysterious girl while waiting for the bus. With imagery so raw and authentic, the project is perceived as a “mini movie”, with many nuances not regularly seen in a typical hip-hop music video.A truly gifted up-and-coming rapper, who pours himself into eveything he does, Pedro Breeze clearly stands out from the masses. Hit the link embedded to watch this “mini movie of a music video” for yourself and make sure to follow Pedro Breeze on all social media, something tells us he is going to be very busy this coming year.”

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