Single Icy Sabbath – Tell All

Louis Selimi known professionally as Icy Sabbath was born in Belleville, New Jersey, and was raised in Andover, New Jersey being a self made artist and growing up with many obstacles Icy Sabbath has become a senational musician on SoundCloud. Icy has worked in multiple different studios to perfect his craft. Much of the production on his songs were created by himself. His debut single Tell All of his first album Shoguns Samurai managed 1 million plays on SoundCloud and over 100k on Spotify. Labels have made offerings to sign Icy Sabbath as a exclusive artist but Icy remains a independent artist with the aspirations of one day making a record label of his own. Having collaboarted with various artist he has gained reputation of the rap game, and he will make a big name for himself in the next upcoming year. His name comes from his actual name if you combine the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last name you get Isse or Icy. The name Sabbath comes from a legendary rock band named Black Sabbath where Icy Sabbath thought he might include guitar samples in his music, and having Black Sabbath’s Iron Man be his go to for riding the bus as a adolescent he figured he’d honor their music by rebranding the name and making it his own. Right now Icy Sabbath can play instruments such as the guitar, and piano he is fluent on making the sound he can dream up come to life at the studio. With having taken classes for programs such as Abelton, Fruity Loops, and Pro Tools Icy can make a beat in less than 10 minutes. At the moment Icy Sabbath is working on his Sophomore Album which is expected to drop in the next week or so. You can stay up to date with Icy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Much of the inspiration behind his music comes from artists like Future, and Lil Skies he will put out music that heals. The mentality of Icy Sabbath’s pitch is a unique sound in which he has developed on his own (raspy). Dodging fans is something he has been a bit of issue with different requests for freestyles and rap battling Icy Sabbath acts as the fans request. Freestyling was a hobby for Icy in his childhood making it into the style of his discography was a surprise and success. With a family who doubted his career in the start he will be excited to see for himself, and show them what Icy Sabbath really is. Icy’s fashion style is a similar style to many “trill rappers” wearing Air Jordan’s and Nike with the likes of some high fashion designer brands such as Gucci he likes to make a statement with each outfit Icy presents. Icy’s style of music consists of Mixing R&B, hip hop, rock, trap, punk, and dream pop in a modern style of rap music. Icy Sabbath has music on Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Icy Sabbath will rocket to the top of the charts.

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