REVIEW: Alekz Rush – “Burnin”

One of the biggest German starters within the EDM scene is Alekz Rush, who has already attracted attention with his last single “Let’s Go Anywhere”. “Let’s Go Anywhere” was in the dance charts for weeks. In the USA the German artist Alekz Rush even made it to number 1. Now on March 20th, 2020 the second single in the new year was released. The song is one of the IDs the fans have been waiting the longest. The new single is called “Burnin” and was created in February 2019. We will introduce you to Alekz Rush’s new future house number below and provide a forecast as to whether the new single will be released the successes will build on.

If we still have to introduce Alekz Rush to someone, he or she has missed a lot in the EDM scene in recent years. In 2019 the German had a hit on his remix for “WTF”, which also got a lot of attention internationally.

The track “Burnin” is already in the dance charts.

Musically, “Burnin” encompasses everything that characterizes the sound of Alekz Rush. The track starts with a calm part that is shaped by female vocals. In combination with instruments such as piano and violin and various electronic elements, the track sounds particularly good. The drop is moving towards “Future House”. The focus is on the vocal line, which is accompanied by a continuously groovy sound. Super sound that makes everyone dance.

At only twenty five years old, Alekz is one of the most promising young talents in Germany’s thriving dance music scene.  Being at the center of such a major music hub has allowed him to grow quickly, accomplishing in a few short years hat some people accomplish in their entire careers.  With a collection of innovative new tracks set for release in the coming years, Alekz Rush is just getting started.  

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