Music in Stories: new features on Instagram and Facebook

Everyone knows and loves Stories on social pages, but few people use Music in Stories. It’s a feature in Instagram Stories that makes it easy for Instagram users to add your music to their stories. 

Facebook has been putting a large music catalog that users can apply in Instagram & Facebook Stories. Moreover, the technical department of Facebook are expanding Lip Sync Live, and soon will be making it possible to add songs to your Profile. 

Now you can add songs to any of your photos and videos. It will appear in the news feed, too! Just choose Facebook photo or video and tap on the sticker icon and select the music sticker. Also, you will be able to add new music to your Instagram stories. 

Lip Sync Live makes it possible to synchronize your lips with your favorite songs. At the request of users, the team of Facebook has already started adding lyrics to Lip Sync Live. New features on social networks open up a huge range of marketing ideas to users.

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