Listen to Hardbros – Namastè

Namastè is born from a really simple idea. We wanted to create something different and never heard from us. The choice of instruments was the most important part and it characterised the whole song. The refrain is like a dance, and exchange of words between the main violin and the synth, which every 4/4 makes its freshness more and more intense. It’s as the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ were mixed in an innovative and captivating weave. Event the choice of percussion, with the melody of the violin, gave us the opportunity to play with more oriental sounds. That’s why the name is Namastè. With every note and with the Matt voice, the time and the atmosphere of the track is able to creare an unique vibe. We’re really proud and happy to make you hear this little gem of ours! Namastè to everyone, – says artists.

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