Listen to LavishCosmos – Cosmic Ra!n

Since the dawn of information and technological age, we have been observing a plethora of new artists who enter the music industry every year. Although only a handful of them are able to catch the eye of all kinds of audiences. Pulkit Verma a.k.a. “LavishCosmos” is an artist who is coming in hot with the music that will touch your soul. He just started releasing the singles this year and has already raised quite a good number of eyebrows. People have described, saying that his music gives them the nostalgic wave of euphoria and feeling of hope during times like these that the world is going through at the moment. No doubt you can feel the fire and expressive emotion in his music. 

LavishCosmos is an electronic music producer who has been playing music since the age of 3. Born and raised in India, he completed his higher education from London, in the UK. He is a business and information technology enthusiast, who promotes entrepreneurship and innovation globally. It was during his time in the UK where he was studying computer science that he started experimenting with electronic music. Aided by his skill at playing multiple instruments, a newfound love for music technology, and his passion for music, Pulkit created his electronic music project called “LavishCosmos”. LavishCosmos is his brainchild to nurture his artistic endeavors.

“Music is something that has always been close to my heart. Composing and producing music is all about innovation for me. I love creating intricate melodies, sick beats, dope basslines, and cosmic symphonies that touch your soul. I want to integrate my love for music and technology by establishing my own digital music production house. Although I have been playing music since childhood, LavishCosmos is my first musical project that I have decided to share with the whole world. My journey has just begun and it is a long way to go! “

His debut song “Cosmic Ra!n” has been performing phenomenally on various platforms despite the fact that he has just commenced his career. Good music doesn’t always need a big name attached to it, and you will easily understand why people are loving it when you listen to it. It is a work of art and he has a wonderful backstory on how he composed it.

“It was a dark night, and I was studying the classical raag of “Malhar”, known to induce rainfall. I had this tune in my mind, resonating perpetually. So I started playing it on the piano, going up and down the scales, creating arpeggios and a dope bassline. Just when I had produced the beat and arranged the song, I was struck by the revelation. After 9 bars, I heard the loudest thunder of my life, and it started pouring heavens. Goosebumps traveled all the way from the base of my spine to the astral crown above my head. I checked the weather forecast and it wasn’t supposed to rain for another 2 hours. It seemed like the cloud above my region had burst open. It was a divine experience, which I wish to share with you all, and see for yourself. A melody from the cosmos. It felt like the universe was talking to me. I guess the mother nature responded to it”.

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