Jaysenlazy releases his amazing single “Starlight”. Check it out!

With a long history of iconic rappers Jaysenlazy is proud to call Compton home. Just a kid from Compton, Jaysenlazy grew up running the streets and writing rhymes. His love for hustling and music has led him on a natural path to becoming South Central’s Next Up. In a recent interview He said “Hustling and making music are one in the same, and I’m a natural hustler”

“Starlight” and “Lorena Bobbitt”
(yeah that bitch who cut her husbands dick off), Jaysenlazys newest tracks pay homage to South Central legends like Dom Kennedy, in his west coast flow and rawness. Jaysenlazy is a master of using comedy to make the reality of Compton California palatable to the everyday listener.

Jaysenlazy will drop his mixtape To All My Exes on April 1st “because they all played me for a fool.” If you enjoy west coast vibes, with south central grit, and creative word play, then To All My Exes is for you.

If you are a fan of west coast flow, with southern trap beats, and thick dreads, Pasadena’s up and coming Buddy Bud aka Floyd Wright, is your summer bump.

Being signed to Stay Hungry Records, Buddy is no stranger to the hustle. Collaborating with Comptons favorite Jaysenlazy has been a major move for both artists. While the single “Fuck 12” from Jaysenlazy and Buddy Bud, got Los Angeles’s attention, their EP Tunnel Vision has given fans more of their favorite neighborhood rappers.

While the single “Flaminah” by Jaysenlazy is being heard in every LA hood, be on the lookout this summer for “Stay Hungry”, the newest mixtape from Jaysenlazy and Buddy Bud.

If you appreciate relatable hard rhymes, and gritty trap beats you will be listening to Buddy Bud and Jaysenlazy.

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