Stefano D’Amico is an Italian pianist and composer, born in Turin and grown up in Apulia. He composes contemporary classical music. After releasing ‘I will not lose you’ (2015) and ‘Liebe’ (2019), this year he is ready to release his first Album, ‘Tribute to the Earth’.

The Album  is made up of two EPs: EP one will be released on November 19 2020, EP two will be out in March 2021. As explained by the pianist, ‘the reason why I decided to divide it into two parts is because each part reflects different kinds of beauty of nature. To me, it was important to give enough space to the different moods each part expresses’. Part one was created to be listened to in autumn, as it expresses melancholy for the past season, and warmness to face the coming cold. Part two focuses on cheerfulness, harmony, something new that is coming, therefore it will come out in Spring.

The album is inspired and dedicated to the Earth. ’It is about the beauty of our planet and it wants to sensitize to environmental problems, such as pollution, climate change and much else beside. Thanks Tribute to the Earth I hope to contribute to make people appreciate our planet’, says Stefano.

All the tracks were composed in his home studio, and entirely recorded using the Vienna Symphonic Library and a Steinway and Sons piano. ‘It took only twenty days to compose all the tracks, but several months to record and arrange them, to find the right balance’, the pianist explains.

Talking about the singles of ‘part one’, the first one is ‘Revival’, released earlier this year and which reached 50k steams on Spotify. Although it may sound more like a “spring” song, it was published and will be in part one because of its message of hope and renaissance for nature and for human race as well, as it was written during the Covid lockdown.

One day, the musician felt he was no longer satisfied with the song itself, and decided to try something new… Then he wrote the orchestral version of Revival, which will be out on October 15 on all digital stores. ‘When I first listened to it once finished with all the instruments, it was just magic! I was almost in tears for a moment, I had reached exactly what I was looking for’, says the composer. Some parts of the song have already been spoiled on Stefano’s Instagram account, you can find the link at the bottom of this page.

The EP 1 will be also anticipated by ‘Luce soffusa’, a single that brings the listener to a calm, warm and comfortable place, ‘as it reminds me of a typical autumn night’, explains Stefano. He imagined a sunset watched amongst the branches of the trees, which let a bit of light pass through them since leaves were starting to fall. From this picture, the idea to record a videoclip playing Luce soffusa amongst olive trees in his beloved homeland, Apulia. ‘Playing my music at the piano outdoor in my homeland was a unique feeling, for I would like to make it for a streaming concert in Spring’. The single will be out on November 5, while you can watch the video on his VEVO Channel on November 10.

Last but not least, ‘Rain’. A track that the composer wrote in 2017, but which seems to fit perfectly for this EP. ‘Rain has always inspired me, relaxed me, it makes me think deeply’, says the pianist. The melody, together with the rain you can hear in the background, brings your mind to a moist place, where you can smell wet trees and fallen leaves.

To celebrate the arrival of the first EP, the pianist will play the tracks from his home studio on December. You can follow the concert streaming on his Instagram and Youtube Channel. 

For more information and updates on Stefano D’Amico, you can visit his website

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