BRAIN A & AWOL ONE – LEARNING. A powerful release that will blow your mind away

Artist, Producer, and Singer/Songwriter BRAIN A has kicked off 2023 with a surprise single featuring underground hip-hop legend AWOL ONE. The track is titled “LEARNING” and is reminiscent of the classic “You Must Learn” by KRS-ONE thematically but is sonically and lyrically much dirtier and overall carries a hypnotic melody humming you to another time all together. “LEARNING” is only available for streaming on YouTube currently via the @brainabiding channel but will likely manifest into other forms in the future. AWOL ONE is also releasing a new album entitled “SCRIBBLEFACE” on January 26th, to which the album art was created by BRAIN A. Happy New Year to us, and let’s hope there’s more music like this in store for 2023!

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