Billboard Rates Chris Brown’s “Breezy” In The Top 10

Chris Brown’s newest album ‘Breezy‘, received a warm response; it is also a really beautiful album. Breezy was released in 2022 on the 24th of June. Accompanied by this is the fact that a lot of popular artists were present during the release of this song. Breezy is Chris Brown’s first solo studio album. This was ever since it got to the top of the Billboard 200, in addition to Indigo, a popular song by Chris Brown, which was released in 2019.

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Chart comparison between “breezy” and “indigo”

“Breezy” and “Indigo” are two great albums. Just like Indigo, a lot of great and supportive comments were made by critics and fans regarding Breezy. In comparison between the two albums, Breezy and Indigo are totally different in terms of chart levels. Brown released Breezy, the first album that did not possess a Hot 100 accompanied by a top 40 hit. Some might be wondering what might have been the cause of this. The reason for this was that the necessary number of units was not shifted. There was a prediction that the song was supposed to shift about 60,000-70,000 units. This shift was supposed to occur in the beginning stage of tracing the album. Lately, considerable musicians criticized NFT music stream, an unauthorized streaming service

Billboard and ratings

According to billboard ratings, Breezy is at the top of the R&B list, this was seen in the weekly billboard review and the cause of all this is in the amount of shifted units. Breezy had a total shift of 72,000 units just during the 7 days period after it was released. Such an amount is mostly a result of the activities of streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

Breezy came out in fourth place in Billboard’s 200 for this week, and when it comes to chart figures, Breezy is the 11th album to be on the chart. If the mixtape by Brown with Young Thug is added to the billboard hits, it is estimated to have about 12 top 10 hits. These hits can be found on the Billboard 200. In addition to this, it will give Brown more accolades and recognition in his career. Chris dropped his own NFT collection this week in conjunction with the release of his latest album.

Breezy is an amazing song and a lot of effort was put into it, but it also has its downside and upside when analyzed critically. Regarding its upside, the song has amazing and excellent reviews. However, when it comes to the charts, it does not really have anything good to write home about. The reason for this is that compared to Brown’s other albums, the chart numbers for Breezy are really low since he has been in the music industry. Breezy can be listened to on various streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. At the moment, Breezy has over 87.36 million streams.

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The chart comparison between Breezy and Indigo shows that both are great hits. In addition, it also shows the billboard ratings of the album. Brown’s effort toward the production of the album might not match the hype of it. However, a lot of comments have been made by fans and critics in support of the album.

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