ADU – “Dirty Streets”

ADU is an electronic music producer from the Maldives currently based out of London. Producing darkly textured electronic songs with a soulful edge, like other electronic producers, he weaves together beats and samples on computer editing systems that can be recreated and tweaked live.

This current version of ’Dirty Streets’ is a collaboration between ADU and ‘Sintia’, a brand new Toronto based project comprised of Sintja Baba as the front woman, principle songwriter & singer, Brandon Wall on electric guitar, Alex Lakusta on electric bass & sub bass, Stefan Hegerat on drums.

As best described by ‘Sintia’ themselves – “Dirty Streets” is about my journey in the instant gratification culture. It’s about getting caught up in a wavelength that keeps us hungry for fortune & fame. It keeps us striving to go from poor to riches in the drop of a hat, and keeps us busy for the sake of appearing successful. It’s about realizing that burning out isn’t the answer. When the pandemic put a stop to normal routine it became much more obvious that people are living this way – “going so many places but nowhere they would wanna be”.

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