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Our editors’ choice. An interesting musician of different genres. Each of his singles sounds new, unusually fresh. A mysterious artist from the UK. We have prepared a selection of his best works in our opinion.

Down by the River

Down by the river, a new composition from Briton El Gordo Gonzales, will make you go on a carefree musical journey, and you will be accompanied by pleasant, soft vocals.  El Gordo Gonzales adds sweet backing and harmony vocals. Her furious solo frames every twist with unruly passion.The most focused walk. Perhaps this demonstrates her talent for the world.

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A moving intro, it leads into the livelier likewise affectionate-sounding track that highlights  soaring falsetto. The soulful single Light by El Gordo will plunge you into a melancholic mood. Melodic and clinging work. Great song with bright chord transitions, albeit disturbing lyrics.a dynamic approach that evokes harsh tones. Enjoy!

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Stomp Stomp Party

Stomp Stomp Party is an experimental track which invites you to a wild night’s walk full of surprises, as the track itself. Composition Stomp Stomp Party, contains exciting melodies, powerful drum parts and stellar synth arpeggios. The feeling of flying in space is enhanced by the song, which seems to be an interstellar variation. Renewed sound and excitable energy.

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Donde Estas

The composition Donde Estas from the first seconds introduces you ,with its whispering like a mantra, in ecstasy. Yet despite its intimacy, there is a vast, wide-open trait that intertwines with ambient synths, some stellar compositions. Thanks to a calm voice and an insightful poetic flair, she flirts with melancholy, joy, sadness and amazement, at the same time cerebral and touching.

Jack the Knife

The track Jack the knife is crude and broken, in places with a straight barrel that is needed for a rabid energy on the dance floor. Synth-laden noughties vibe – although catchy – just feels too far from their original sound to resonate in an old world or a new one. The smoothness jars against vocals while drums soars try to salvage something. An interesting futuristic track with hidden potential.

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