Italian pianist Stefano D’Amico announces release of newest album, Tribute to the Earth

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November 12 is the release date of Stefano D’Amico’s first album. 

Stefano was born in Turin in 1996. At the age of 6 he moved to a small town in Apulia by the sea. He started studying piano when he was 11 and only a year later he entered ‘N. Rota’ Conservatoire, in Monopoli. He continued his studies with Francesco Buccarella. Some months later he wrote his first piano composition ‘Ora che noi’, which was performed at the year-end show and much appreciated. He then wrote other melodies which made him known to other musicians. In 2011 he became the keyboardist of an Apulian band with which he started to perform live and won a competition for new groups. 

Stefano D’Amico is not only a pianist and composer, but also a self-producer. Everything he released was written, arranged and produced by himself. He says “I love what I do, it’s my passion, and nobody else would ever put that same dedication in my music as me. Although sometimes it’s hard… I’ve got a job to afford all this, and I spend my rest days studying piano and arranging my songs. But nothing comes without sacrifice!”

Talking about Tribute to the Earth, “It is an album whose piano and orchestral melodies are meant to pay homage to the beauty of our planet, from rain to rainbows, from forests and mountains to the Moon. I hope it will raise awareness on issues such as pollution, climate change, deforestation” says Stefano. 

The idea came up while he was composing Luce soffusa, a single which will be out in September 2020 and will anticipate the album.

“I got inspired by the sunset. I imagined myself in a wood, staring at the sunset, watching it through the branches of the trees. This explains the title, which means ‘soft light’. I believe a lot in this ballad, and I can’t wait for you to listen to it!”. 

And all of a sudden he realized that nature was a great inspiration to him, and he wrote all the tracks of the album in just 20 days. 

It was not the first time Stefano was inspired by nature in his compositions. Rain was born 3 years ago after a big storm he was watching from the window. He had already released it but now it is just perfect for the upcoming album. “Rain was a turning point for me: I didn’t know if I wanted to write pop music, or lyrics, or instrumental music. After Rain I understood I just needed pure music to tell an emotion, a story. No words, just the sound of few instruments to create a simple but effective melody”.

In May he released Revival, a composition which fitted perfectly the moment Italy and the whole world was living, during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The inspiration comes from the extraordinary ability of nature of always regenerate, heal itself, come up with a new creation after destruction. I finished recording it during the lockdown, and it took a new meaning, that of hope, not only that nature will eventually win this battle against the damages caused by human activities, but also that the human genre could win the battle against the Coronavirus. That’s why I decided to release it before Luce soffusa”. Revival will also have an orchestral version that will feature the album. The video will be out in early September on Stefano’s Vevo Channel

Tribute to the Earth will be available worldwide on all digital stores. As said before, the album will feature Rain and Revival, and will be anticipated by Luce Soffusa, which will be out in September 2020. 

On December 13th, after the release of the album, Stefano D’Amico will present every track of the album in a concert from his studio, available in streaming on his Youtube Channel and on his Instagram page. Hopefully he will be able to tour live next year, stay tuned!

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