Tone860’s “Everywhere I Go” : classic breakup slow jam for a new age

Denver is home, but Tone860 hails from West Hartford, Connecticut which shares the same area code featured in his moniker. This rap lyricist’s music carries a mid 90s vibe with a rythmic rapid fire or methodically slow flow. Touching on content ranging from sex and relationships, societal dynamics, and the abstract, he has a little something for each listener to nod their head to. 
Writing lyrics since the age of eleven, he prides himself on his high quality and immersive music. Speaking on his forthcoming second LP entitled “Dope Sh*t”: “I was more intentional on this project, choosing songs that fit the vibe of a young motivated hedonist (laughs). There is some heartbreak in there, but it’s mostly submerged in the intent and action of an individual that knows what he wants.”
“Everywhere I Go,” Tone860’s latest single off his forthcoming LP “Dope Sh*t,” is a classic breakup slow jam for a new age. Top of mind is a recent split whose reverberation is inescapable. From situation to situation, Tone860 vividly depicts what loss looks like in real time over bass heavy instrumentation. 

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