New Emerging Artist Sunny Rain

Rose Logan better known by stage name Sunny Rain is on FIRE. Literally. She began dropping heat from her debut album “Sunshine” first quarter of 2020 and she has not shown signs of letting up. The Saint Louis native has created her own sound, style and genre with her fuse of hip hop, funk, rhythm and blues. I have been watching this artist since she emerged in 2019 with the blazing single “Fire” with ZLouci produced by Sir Issac. Rain came in spitting fire (no pun) and followed it by crooning over the hook and bridge. I have no idea what to call her but she is nothing short of AMAZING. The self proclaimed rap sanga continues to impress with her latest single “All Eye Need” featuring The Reasn. When I spoke with Rain she expressed the importance of working with people in the physical, “I don’t do songs via email, I vibe with people not for people.” An artist like Sunny Rain is rare. She exudes confidence with her sultry yet bold sound and look. I am excited to see what comes next from this artist. Until then, the link to her new single Feat The Reasn produced by Saint Jo and Sir Issac is listed below.

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