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Akeem Magnetic was Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and raised in the SouthSide of Atlanta known as College Park, Georgia. Akeem developed a passion for music at a very young age with inspiration from his father and uncle. Akeem’s father and uncle who own their own independent label “Crosses and Kingz Productions” are heavily involved in his music career. With Akeem’s inspiration for music he surely has become a product of freestyling. Akeem grew up listening to many different artists who influenced him and his rap career. A few influencers were 8 Ball of MJ6, JayZ, OutKast and Lil Wayne.

At a young age Akeem took tune of the mastery of freestyle rapping. As time went by he started to receive offers for songs which led to computer mic and beat making. Unfortunately, at the age of 18 Akeem ran into trouble with the law which caused him to serve a 10 year maximum sentence. And at this point music became his outlet in his cell.

Following his release Akeem released single, “Humble Beginnings”. Humble Beginnings was released October 2020 which is about Akeem’s upbringing in the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition the release of “She Say” which drawled about a female who is captivated by Akeem’s ora. His physique and versatility whereas he captures her eyes and expressions. Akeem continues to release new music which has now led up to his March 2021 mixtape, “Halfway House”. Halfway House is a 12-track musical composition. Akeem Magnetic absorbs many different levels and sounds of music. Halfway House represents sympathy, hard times, trap, melody and down South rap.

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