Tips you should know to increase your fanbase

The Internet has opened up unlimited opportunities for the development of any projects or yourself as an artist. Now sharing your achievements with the social community is very easy. We have selected basic strategies for your music promotion to increase your fan base.

Today, digital technology allows you to create music without even leaving your room. A lot of samples, different setup, tools for creating music replace repetitions, live shows and live instruments.

It is not a big secret that one of the main tools for promotion are social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). But today, without these tools of marketing and advertising is not enough. We recommend not to use paid advertising, but to create interesting posts in which you will not insist: come to my concert or listen to my music. You need to go from afar, create fun content that will attract attention with its originality but without pressure. It doesn’t have to belong – the main thing is to create an interest in the audience. Also, the systematicity of your posts is desirable. People need to get used to a certain schedule for the appearance of your content. So you ‘hook them up’.

To listen to your music, not only your fans but new listeners, use posting on various popular music blogs. the cost of such a service is from $5 (depending on the level of the blog), and the efficiency is very high. You can post on the blogs any information about yourself, your tracks, videos,
anything you like. To engage more people with your content, add an interesting description of yourself as an artist. Without pathos and a brief description of your achievements, but a real story, with humor and sincere reflections. For example, people are very touched by stories about how an artist was afraid to overcome some kind of fear, but he still coped with it. thus, the reader identifies himself with the author, trusts him more, because the author shows his real human qualities that each of us has. Believe me, this technique works 100%.

Music video surely to increase the popularity of your track. You can shoot an inexpensive clip, but the original one. People love to watch clips. music videos are easier to promote than just tracks.

Another effective way to promote is email sending. Over the years, you have gathered a large database of contacts of people associated with the music industry. Share your fresh music with them.
Add your music to popular streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music,
Deezer and other). The playlists placement reach hundreds of millions of

listeners across the globe, racking up billions of streams. Getting your track into a popular playlist can help you rack up thousands of streams.

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