The art of music visualizations

The audience of 2019 already saw a lot and often it is not enough just invite famous DJs or promo group to the night club or festival. To satisfy the audience producers have to create some performance and visual art is an important part of it. Interactive animation and video effects for concerts and clubs art installations often make a hypnotizing effect.
We’ve put together some of the not well-known but still very talented artists that could assist to create an unforgettable event or some outstanding content for musicians.

The Instagram page that positions itself as a place of the Internet for new media artists to seek inspiration and share their work.

Peder Norrby

The artist destroys images with code and visualizes DM downloadable music that you have made.


Creating watching eye short visuals and long videos for a full tracks.

Render Fruit

The artist create 3dart, visuals and motiondesigns


Create videos with Mirror Lab, a photo distortion and reflection application for Android.

Suraya Shivji

The design technologist created a collection of music visualizations that made with three.js and p5.js. They combine generative art and music.

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