Meet future music performances: interactive lighting art

Talking about contemporary art we understand that it is about combining different kinds of art, like music, sounds effect, and light. Take a look and get some inspiration from artists that performing magic and travel you true space, time and matter.


The generative collective are Alexander Letcius and Kristina Karpysheva . The art project was born trying to establish a definition of evisceration of traditional dogmas and values.

404.ZERO calls the genre they work as noise-drone-generative genre. Installations created completely with Touch Designer and modular gear touche audience senses from the first second of performance.


Maotik is a digital artist based in Montreal, focuses its work on the creation of immersive multimedia environments and generative visuals.

The short instrumental audiovisual performance made in 2014 where a percussionist uses an amplified balloon as an audiovisual instrument. With a contact microphone and a MIDI pedal for effect, the performer explores different techniques to generate sounds.


Visual artist Joanie Lemercier essentially focuses his works on projections of light in space and its impact on our perception.


St.Petersburg based collaborative artist collective focused on creating spaces and experiences by exploring facets of interaction between audio/visual and human emotions.

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