Digital innovations to interact with fans in the music industry

What is the future of the music industry in 2019? Obviously, the development of digital technology significantly influences of music trends. Every year it is more difficult to surprise consumers, and it is very important for all representatives of the music industry to keep up with
fashion trends, and ideally to be a few steps ahead.

We analyzed reviews of many music experts and futurists and collected the most basic ways of music promotion in its most diverse manifestations.

Undoubtedly, currently an important element of doing business for most of the major players in the music industry – is streaming platforms and music distributors. Apple has already staked out a lead in this, to distinguish itself from Facebook and Google. On the other hand, problems with the confidentiality of many social networks have provided services to politicians, having collected all the necessary information about their electorate.

Mobile-centric experiences

The second decade of the millennium has seen the growing success of mobile-centric experiences. the integration of cyber-space and music is not the future, but already the present. The development of digital technology is already very closely related to the world of music. For example, VR headsets can influence augmented reality through music. You’ll see the rise of both offline and digital events (e.g. live streaming) in 2019.

Multi-content subscriptions

It is rumored that Apple may be one of the first to introduce such type of subscription. If this is true, it’s not long to wait for other big players to follow suit. Also, expect more transparency and accountability from music services.

Interaction with fans

Now the usual concert does not surprise the fans. Many producers, promo groups come up with various ways to engage the audience for the event. For example, making open doors behind the scenes of artists or using augmented reality so that every fan can take a selfie with his idol.

Physical formats

Vinyl sales continue to grow (19.2% in the USA), as does cassette (90% in the UK) while attending live shows beats all records.

Now is the time when we find a balance between the old and the new and enjoy it. Two parallel realities intertwined and created a new one.

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