New LP by “Molchat Doma” – A Strong Message Of Moody Post Punk

The Belarusian new wave band announced about the release of the new LP on November 14th. It keeps an authentic gothic style with a lot of nostalgia and has nothing to do with an unthinkable growth on TikTok and the attraction of its young audience.

Molchat Doma – young rock band from Minsk can be for sure called the breakthrough of the year. The artists owe their break-in to a well-known social network TikTok, which proved to be extremely efficient in promoting all kinds of songs. Their 2018 “Судно (Sudno),” with its dark ironical vibe and flowing sound, became really viral – with a takeover of more than 150,000 associated TikToks. Evidently, some of the videos, like trying on the outfits or dying armpits and doing other strange trends have no relation to the lyrics and message of the band. The song’s main motif is of a post-Soviet lifestyle with its vagueness, anti-establishment in society, hunger, and misery. Such sad text at the same time suits perfectly a techno sound and dreamy aesthetic of the video – which probably made many Americans come up with different unpredictable performances for the song without understanding the lyrics.

Cover of the new “Monument” LP

The latest album  Monument doesn’t continue the topic of sensational “Судно” with its English covers and alterations. It gave birth to a completely different style – the ’80s gothic dream in all its beauty. The image of the album include envisions first applied to 2017’s understated compilation С Крыш Наших Домов. The albums have many things in common, however, the latest differs with its more up-to-date approach to music production. The voices sound more confident, the music is much more clear. Solo singer Egor Shkutko’s thrills with a low yet balanced baritone. It was even compared to the voice of Ian Curtis. A featured track of the “Monument” is, of course, “Дискотека / Discoteque” , which causes mixed emotions. The song is about a crazy house party which is emphasized with keyboard noise in the background. A sentiment of the new-wave pop in this album suggests its resemblance to songs of  the Cure or like-minded Russian performer Buerak. Each song is actually all about sincerity and a laid-back atmosphere

Molchat Doma expresses despair professionally even with amusingly explicit song titles, such as “Ленинградский Блюз / Leningradskiy Blues,” a tinny, hypnotic track telling about a condemned love in a big city. Shkutko often sticks to ghost stories like these. Some bright examples include a scene with a drowning man, who asks someone he has wronged to let him drown peacefully in “Утонуть / Utonut’,” or the mythological story of a disillusioned lover as he conciliates with his own mistakes on “Звезды / Zvezdy.” TikTok has pointed the band’s work with more light darkness, whilst Monument doesn’t leave a doubt about solemn colouring off the tracks.

The success of the talented band began already in 2018, when an album called “Этажи/Floors” was released, which was included in the twenty best albums of 2018 according to British critics. Then, In November 2019, Hugo Boss released a commercial in honor of the release of the new Pre-Spring 2020 collection, the soundtrack of the promo video was the song “На дне/At the Bottom”.

The aesthetic of Eastern Europe is prone to be very appealing to Americans nowadays. The photogenic landscapes of the crumbly cobblestone, grey high-rise building, cankered Cyrillic signs, and old transport. Here the contrast is quite notable as in America the process of gentrification and industrialization is a usual thing. And what we can see in the Post-Soviet countries is that poorness still prevails. On the other hand, society there doesn’t keep up pretenses, and this conduces the authentic culture.

And yet international music can be hardly accepted by young Americans because of particular cultural and historical divergences. The way Shkutko sings is reading his last will – very thrilling and dramatic. Molchat Doma is one of those bands that can create magic with music, adding a sparkle of mysticism to every performance.