To Sell Music Online Is A Challenge –New Rules Of Streaming Platforms

Disappointing news is that Spotify will be limiting its royalties in exchange for an algorithm boost. It’s one from the bunch of ridiculous damages of a music industry which already started to decline.

A prominent journalist and artist manager in past wondered about spreading the information about malicious actions of the streaming services. She hesitated about tweeting it but dissatisfaction came not only from upset musicians but from desperate label managers, angry agents, and publicists as well. They all addressed with strong criticism of streaming platforms and the damage their twist moves towards the career of stars and the industry overall.
You might think that streaming platforms must be the first to support the music industry in the pandemic period, although, it seems to be on contrary. Therefore, this article is on time, even though it’s a risky statement. Sometimes you need to make brave moves.

The dirty economics of streaming was kept for so long that it has become a buzz. 

Basically, musicians are just letting their creations for charity and aren’t paid for their work. Services like Spotify are on an aggressive campaign away from music and striving for more podcasts and other audio streaming services to be in the first place. In the time of pandemic desolation, we need to speak up.

Musicians who had success before now should reconcile with the fact that touring is not available. The whole hope was turned to streaming but we see right now? In order to earn $15 per hour a month, you would need to have around 700,000 streams monthly? Secret contracts between major labels and streaming platforms and giving money from users’ subscriptions to the artists you even didn’t listen – that’s a horrible truth.

Fortunately, there were some actions in advocacy groups undertaken to empower the music industry or affect the current streaming economies, such as the #BrokenRecord and Keep Music Alive campaigns in the UK, the Australian Live Music Business Council, and Justice at Spotify in the US. None of this should be a surprise.

Recent UK government-led investigations into streaming economies are a good start, too. But fans, in turn, can support their favorite bands in a more reliable way: purchasing a t-shirt, joining a Patreon, or donating during a live-stream.